Consultancy in High-Risk Pregnancies


Consultancy in Risky Pregnancies

Receiving consultancy in risky pregnancies provides both psychological and physical benefits for expectant mothers to have a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy process.
Problems that can create a high risk with pregnancy; may be present in the expectant mother before pregnancy or it may occur during pregnancy. Accordingly, the problems that may cause risky situations during pregnancy are:
Preeclampsia and eclampsia.
Gestational diabetes
Blood coagulation disorders
Problems related to placenta
Premature birth risks
Premature rupture/opening of membranes
Overdue pregnancy
Congenital anomalies,
Growth disorders

Correct Approach in High-Risk Pregnancies

Risks that may lead to the occurrence of high-risk situations and health problems of the expectant mother should be identified and treated before pregnancy. This situation generally provides an advantage in planned pregnancies.
People who decide to become pregnant and who are over the age of 30 or have serious health problems should consult a specialist and get counseling. This consultancy to be received is especially important for expectant mothers with chronic diseases.
The examination to be done before getting pregnant is very important, especially for women with diabetes. Damage to organ systems may occur in babies of mothers with diabetes.
On the other hand, high blood pressure and heart diseases can also cause serious risk situations during pregnancy. Therefore, it is required to be evaluated by experts before getting pregnant.

Follow-up in High-Risk Pregnancies

In high-risk pregnancies, follow-up is done more frequently than healthy pregnancies. The expectant mother should be kept under control throughout pregnancy. Especially if the expectant mother has a health problem that causes risky pregnancy, treatment is applied accordingly.
On the other hand; in high-risk pregnancies, amniocentesis may also be required to take samples from the baby’s fluid, depending on the health status of the expectant mother.
Frequent blood and urine tests, detailed examinations and ultrasound examinations should also be performed to keep the problems causing risks under control. It is very important to closely monitor expectant mothers with risky pregnancy.