Detailed Ultrasound


Detailed Ultrasound

Detailed ultrasound; ensures that congenital anomalies are detected before birth.
Detailed ultrasound; enables the analysis of the external and internal anatomy of the baby in the womb and especially the detection of anomalies of the baby that may cause serious disability or death.

Apart from that, chromosomal anomalies and genetic syndromes can be diagnosed with detailed ultrasound. This procedure should especially be applied to mothers who have genetic diseases in their family history, who have infections in their pregnancy and who have to use various important drugs during pregnancy.
In general, detailed ultrasound is a procedure that should be applied routinely to every expectant mother.

Detailed ultrasonography should be performed by Perinatology Specialists who are experienced in fetal medicine and fetal anomaly diagnosis with high-resolution ultrasound technology.

However, this procedure is very different from the pregnancy ultrasonography which is applied as standard.
It is applied from the abdomen in the same position, just like standard ultrasound, but it is applied by a technically much more specialized ultrasonography device by an experienced specialist in this field.
Detailed ultrasound is performed between the 18th and 23rd weeks of pregnancy, preferably at 20-23 weeks, in order to wait for the baby’s organ development to be completed.

A very important diagnostic procedure, detailed ultrasonography is applied to diagnose possible major and minor anomalies in the baby.

What are the Advantages of Detailed Ultrasound?

Thanks to detailed ultrasound, possible anomalies of the baby can be detected while the baby is still in the womb, and thus some diseases can be treated in the womb.
The opportunity to perform genetic tests in the womb for some diseases would be obtained.
On the other hand, it is possible for some anomalies to be completely corrected by a special team immediately after birth with some special surgeries and it is vital to prepare for this situation beforehand.

Especially in some special cases, even the timing of delivery in Monochorionic Twins (monozygotic twins) requires special experience and special examination.
Detailed ultrasound is ranks at the top among the most important examinations that should be recommended to every pregnant woman as it provides extremely important information for both the fetus and the outcome of pregnancy.

On the other hand, some expectant mothers are concerned about having a detailed ultrasound, thinking that they cannot handle the possibility of encountering a possible problem.

It is possible to talk about expectant mothers who have never had a detailed ultrasound during their pregnancy because of these concerns. However, it should be kept in mind that detailed ultrasound provides the opportunity to detect the problems in advance and to apply the appropriate treatment to this problem.
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