HPV also known as human papillomavirus is a sexually transimtted disease caused by sexual intercourse. HPV can be sectioned in two parts, high and low risk HPV’S.

The low risk HPV types can cause warts on or around the genital areas. Because these types of HPV’s dont cause cancer they are put in the low risk section of HPV.

On the other hand HPV also has a high risk section which may cause cancer. İnfections caused by HPV sometimes can go on its own by the help of the body, but sometimes this infection does not go away and transforms into something much more serious such as cancer. Chronic or even a long lasting infection caused by HPV that is not treated medically by the doctor can become cancer as the time passes.

İt should be known that HPV only happens from intercourse between two persons, it can not occur because of the following:

  • Toilet seats
  • Hugging
  • Holding hands
  • Hot tubs
  • Swimming pools
  • Sharing any food utensils

The most common cancer caused by HPV is cervical cancer, almost all cervical cancer is caused by an infection lead by HPV.

Cervical cancer can be found and prevented by some screening tests and as fast as it is found the better. Make sure to check in with your doctor about treatment options that can be done in case of these problems occuring.

HPV is a very common virüs, people who have sexual intercourse can get it at any point of their lives. There is no specific treatment for HPV but sometimes it can go away on its own. Having HPV does not always mean you will get cancer, a doctor appointment is enough to see what treatment must be done. Dont forget that most cervical cancers can also be treated by some general screening tests.

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