A hysterectomy is a procedure made to remove a persons uterus aka a persons womb. The womb being the place where a baby grows means that the decision should be taken with a Professional doctor, because after a hysterectomy the women will not be able to have children again or have a menustration period.

Your doctor might suggest getting a hysterctomy procedure done in case you are having these types of the following symptoms:

  • İf you are experiencing heavy vaginal bleeding
  • İf you are experiencing chronic pain in the pelvic area
  • İf you have cervix, uterus or ovarie cancer
  • İntensive uterine bleeding despite medical treatments


A hysterectomy is performed by a Professional doctor in several ways, all of these hysterctomy procedures require general or local anesthetic. This way the patient will not feel any type of pain during the hysterectomy procedure.

You can prepare for a hysterctomy by talking to a Professional doctor first, our Dr. Ali Ekiz is here to answer all of your questions about the hysterectomy procedure to maket his a stress free and smooth experience for you.

Make sure to write down any concerns or any questions you might have to ask your doctor when you go to the appointment, the doctor will gladly answer all of your questions to prepare you fort he hysterectomy procedure.

Some of the advices the doctor might give you before a hysterectomy procedure might be as the following:

  • Stop using any nicotine products a few days before the procedure
  • Exercising regularly without over doing it
  • Trying to reduce stress to the minimum
  • Focus on having a nutritious and healthy diet

You can expect some pain and some bleeding after the hysterectomy and there might also be a slight chance of infection. This is why it is important to scheduale an appointment with a Professional doctor to go over all the details to make the procedure go as smooth as possible.

The hysterectomy surgery is a common procedure and can be done easily by a Professional doctor, so make sure to talk to our Doctor about your options.