Ovarian Cysts



The ovaries are a very important part of the womans reproductive system, the ovaries are located at the lower abdomen at both sides of the womens uterus. The ovaries help produce eggs and two hormones called the estrogen and progestrone hormones.

Sometimes in some cases a cyst might develop on of the ovaries, good part is these cysts sometimes show no symptoms and are painless. İn some cases there might be some symptoms of these ovarian cysts; here are some symptoms you might need to be in the look out for:

  • Some abdominal bloating
  • Swelling in the abdomine
  • Painful bowel movements
  • Having pain during sexual intercourse
  • Breast tenderness
  • İn some cases nausea and vomitting
  • Rapid breathing
  • İn severe cases fainting can also be a symptom of an ovarian cyst

Most ovarian cysts can sometimes go on their own but some ovarian cysts on the other hand require treatment by a Professional doctor. The doctor will be able to recognize and identify an ovarian cyst by doing some necessary tests.

Some of the necessary tests can be as the following:

  • A CT scan
  • An MRI
  • An ultrasound done by your gynecology doctor

Your doctor might recommend having an ovarian cyst removal procedure to be done based on the outcome of the tests mentioned above.

You can always help prevent ovarian cysts by looking our for changes in your menstural cycle, ongoing pain in the pelvic region, any type of loss in appetite and any weight loss that is not explained.

To get a better idea on the best treatment for you make sure to schedual an appointment with Prof. Dr. Ali Ekiz to get the most help you can. With a great team and a translator at your service we are here to help you give the best most informative decision.