Pregnancy and Dental Health


Hormonal differences that occur during pregnancy can cause infection in the gums, as well as triggering many conditions. This may even cause the mother-to-be to deliver prematurely.

You should not delay your pre-pregnancy health checks, and you should not neglect to visit your dentist. You should see your dentist regularly by protecting your oral and dental health against gum diseases that may occur during pregnancy.

However, your clinical follow-up should be done by a gynecologist or perinatology specialist so that the discomforts that may occur during pregnancy do not affect the baby.

If your doctor deems it appropriate, there is no harm in having your dental treatments during pregnancy. Many treatments, including caries treatments, root canal treatments, tooth extractions, can be applied safely.

Local anesthetics used during these treatments do not cause any harm to the baby. However, if an antibiotic treatment is necessary, the right drug that will not harm the baby can be decided together with your obstetrician and dentist.

During pregnancy, you should be very careful about your oral and dental health. In line with the information given, you should not neglect your dental and gum treatments during pregnancy.