Pregnancy Follow Up in Istanbul




An appropriate pregnancy follow up is recommended to patients until whose pregnancy has been confirmed by a medical specialist. Via pregnancy follow up the doctor checks both maternal status and fetal wellbeing.

These visits pay big importance in antenatal surveillance because it helps to monitor the baby and early detect the complications as well. Monitoring these the pregnancy helps the mother stay healthy and informs about her baby’s health.

How Should be an Antenatal Care?

Usually, a follow up starts with a diagnosis of pregnancy was made. During the follow up we perform universally advised screening tests for the baby and some laboratory tests for maternal status. Obstetric ultrasound and fetal anomaly scan is important part of antenatal care.

In the first 28 weeks of pregnancy the patient is recommended to come every 4 weeks for a follow up. From 28th week to 36th week the patient is expected to come for follow up every 2 weeks.

When 37 weeks is completed, the patient is expected to come every one week until due date.

This Follow up plan is appropriate for pregnant women who has`t got any risk factor for High-Risk pregnancy.


Patients who are at risk for developing complications during pregnancy, followings are some examples of these patients;

–        Patients who are underweight or overweight

–        Patients who are under 18 years old or over 35 years old

–        Patients with a history for complicated and high-risk pregnancies

–        Patients who have medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, obesity etc…

–        Patients who are pregnant with twins, triplets or high order pregnancies

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